Sunday Morning Links - 6/5/16

Good morning. I wanted to share a bunch of links, stories, videos, etc. that I've really enjoyed over the last week or so. They cover a wide range of my interests and will hopefully bring something new and interesting into your world. Enjoy.


  • Lucky Peach Vertical Farming Article - A really cool look at indoor mass farming operations and how they might be the solution to food shortages around the world. There is the potential to lessen the damage to the environment from large-scale farming from fertilizer runoff and nutrient depletion in the soil. I really enjoy progressive ideas on how to provide quality food for the world's population and this is worth pursuing.
  • Moonwalking With Einstein - Just finished this book about the World Memory Championship circuit and how memory is more a trained skill than a natural trait. It was a fairly quick read that is pretty fun while also providing insights on memory techniques and background on how the brain forms memories. I've thought I had a poor memory, and now seeing that it's more a creative function than a physical trait, I'm working on building mine to serve me better everyday.
  • Bill Simmons' on Kevin Durant - Bill is my favorite voice in sports media. He has an incredibly deep understanding of the history and inner workings of sports (especially basketball). He just launched an awesome new website called The Ringer, and this is the first column he's written in over a year. It explores the difficult decision Kevin Durant faces in his upcoming free agency and what it means for his legacy and future in the NBA.


  • School of Life: Wu Wei - In really love these videos from the secular emotional intelligence organization The School of Life. This video focuses on Wu Wei, the Eastern concept of doing by non-doing. All of their videos are incredibly insightful and probably my favorite thing to relax and watch after a day at work.
  • David Lynch on Meditation and Creativity - Has me thinking about trying Transcendental Meditation (via Swiss Miss)
  • Cam'ron interviewed by Whookid - Not everything is serious here. Cam is one of my favorite rappers and this interview gets deep into his history and how he ended up working with Kanye, Jay-Z, and Juelz. Really funny and a good peek behind the curtain of how things go down.
  • Emergency Awesome Game of Thrones Recaps - I'm big into GoT (only the TV show, never read the books) and this guy's explanations are really helpful in seeing how each episode connects and what might be coming in the future. He's incredibly enthusiastic and breaks down big concepts in an understandable way. Also check out Ask the Maester on The Ringer.


  • Phillies 1976 Stovepipe Throwback Hats - The Phils turned back the clock to 1976 Friday night against the Brewers and wore these awesome Stovepipe hats that players wore during the '76 season. They're called stovepipes because of their tall round shape compared to a normal baseball cap,
  • Ebbets Field Flannels Ballpark Sweatshirts - You'll see here that I'm into fashion, athletic uniform design, and how the two intertwine. Ebbets Field Flannels makes the best historic reproductions of old baseball jerseys and hats. They've been expanding their offerings in more everyday styles, and these old ballpark sweatshirts are awesome. I like the Shibe Park one for obvious reasons, but they're all great.
  • Box Score Art NBA Finals Breakdowns 


I run a project called Box Score Art that uses the raw stats from sports to create abstract art. For each game of the NBA finals I'm making an image based on the score differential minute-by-minute. It's a cool look at the flow of the game, and it really shows how easily the Warriors can blow a game open in a short stretch. I'm working on a lot of cool ideas for this project, so sign up for the newsletter the website, and follow @BoxScoreArt on twitter to catch the next breakdowns.

I hope you enjoy these links. Have a great week, and keep your eyes peeled for more.