Sunday Morning Links - 6/19/16

Greetings again. Made it to the third week of the Sunday Links. It's a slightly shorter batch this week, but lots of good stuff to gather.

NBA Finals Game Five Box Score from @boscoreart

NBA Finals Game Five Box Score from @boscoreart


  • New Christo Alert! - Amazing new project from the artist, Christo, where two piers and a small island in Italy are connected with floating cubes and covered with vivid orange fabric, allowing viewers to walk on water.

  • How half New York's Paper Waste Gets Turned Into Pizza Boxes - Cool article from the Wall Street Journal about a recycling plant and paper mill on Staten Island that processes half of the city's paper waste. It's great to see how quickly your waste can be turned around into a functional product. Hoping we see a lot more articles like this in the future.

  • TED Ideas: India+Internet=?? - An exploration on what will happen when the 1 billion people of India gain full access to the internet in the coming years. Written by my friend, Kate Torgovnick May, the article looks at the amazing ways that the country is applying progressive thought to connectivity from education to mental health. Really interesting, especially considering the massive scale.


  • Becoming Wise w/ Krita Tippett - Krista Tippett is the host of On Being, a podcast that explores spirituality from a modern perspective. It's easily one of my favorites. Krista has a stupifyingly high amount of empathy and understanding; it pours out of her no matter who she's interviewing, and it creates compelling stories about how to live properly in our society. Becoming Wise is a short podcast series accompanying her new book by the same name. Each 10-12 minute segment highlights a brilliant thought from one of her interviewees on living with wisdom.  A great short podcast to augment your regular schedule.


  • The NBA Finals - I think we've all become accustomed to how supernatural LeBron James is at playing basketball. Going against one of the best teams in history, LeBron is playing basketball at a level I can't remember seeing from a talent, determination, and creativity perspective. Game 7 is tonight, and you best be wtaching it. While you're at it, go ahead and consume every bit of media and content aorund it you can. It's sport at its highest level, and we need to appreciate watching a performance this good for what it's worth.


  • Air Jordan XXX "Cosmos" - I love sneakers, and I love outer space. These most recent Jordan's combine two of my favorite things and are straight fire.