Mixes to Catch Up On

Soundcloud is probably my favorite source for discovering new music. As an avid consumer of recorded DJ mixes, I really love how it has become a hub for DJ's all over the world. They can use it to post new tracks, studio-recorded mixtapes, or live sets from shows, and this wealth of music has become indispensable in my daily work life. There really isn't a downside to having tons of free streamable mixes from the best DJ's in the world, but unfortunately there are only so many hours a day to stream it all.

To not miss or forget about mixes I'm excited to hear but don't have the time, I created a playlist to stockpile them until I can get to them. MIXES TO CATCH UP ON is an ever evolving collection of these mixes. Some are great, some are less than expected, but until I can get to them, here they will sit, and I hope I lead others to some cool music that I have dug.

Do you have any favorite DJ's or producers on Soundcloud? I would love to know so I can keep building the list.