My New Year's Resolutions: Good, Bad, and Terrible

I get frustrated hearing people make the same New Year's resolutions year after year. It seems as if people have a general desire to improve, but don't put enough thought as to how that will be actualized. This frustration has led me to try on different approaches of making New Year's resolutions to better understand why people make them and what actually can make a difference in a my life.

My first reaction was to make no New Year's resolution, just avoid it altogether and not get swept up in this silly practice. I used my birthday as my point of reference in my progress almost out of protest. But that didn't lead to any change and made me seem like a static being. I next tried working with a general theme for the year. Two years ago it  was "Enough," understanding that there can be too much of anything, good or bad, and also to be content with what I have. Last year was "Best Year Ever," reminding me to enjoy every moment as much as possible and push myself to places I haven't before.

Having a theme was great, and it helped focus my general outlook on life, but I found that over the year, the more specific goals were slipping through the cracks. So for 2015, I'm changing up my resolution style again and making a whole lot of them. I'm resolving in almost any way I can, knowing that even partial completion in any of these goals will be good for me. I've even included the typical ones, easing up my opposition to a practice I disliked simply because I wanted to understand it better. This list will serve as a reference of possible improvements and provide inspiration throughout the year. Happy New Year.

2015 Resolutions

  1. Fuck Facebook. Not really, just spend less time on it.
  2. Meditate Daily
  3. Get Organized
  4. Collect thoughts for purposeful use
  5. Better to-do list management/ consolidation
  6. Remove ill-will in my feelings towards others
  7. Eliminate excess material goods
  8. Save more money
  9. Make more art
  10. Be less critical of myself
  11. Be less critical of other people
  12. Ask more engaging questions in conversation
  13. Admit my large dreams
  14. Develop overarching themes for creativity and message communication
  15. Continue to develop clothing/ fashion ideas
  16. Batch activities for efficiency
  17. Make home more comfortable and clean
  18. Work Out
  19. Help Simcha expand her business
  20. More frequent communication with friends
  21. Read every book possible
  22. Take notes of said books to make them useful later on
  23. Make internet time purposeful
  24. Continue to develop culinary skill/ knowledge
  25. Talk to my parents more
  26. Become more valuable at work
  27. Reevaluate concept of progress/ success
  28. Gratitude
  29. Fake it 'til you make it
  30. Ask, "Why am I reading/ doing this?"
  31. Remove money from motivational forces
  32. Change the way I worry about things, understand what is useful worry and what is not
  33. Travel whenever I can or however I can afford
  34. Look at phone less often and with proper posture
  35. Think long term
  36. Think of the next step from what I'm currently working on
  37. Don't hate anything just because I don't understand what it is or who made it
  38. Be actively happy
  39. Consider subscribing to the Times
  40. File useful things for later
  41. Write Thank You notes
  42. Consider weird/ crazy alternatives
  43. Admit and enjoy my creature comforts
  44. Surprise people
  45. Articulate why I like what I like
  46. Wake up early
  47. Read about what I love
  48. Study the people and things that impress and amaze me
  49. Be able to sit with unrest and uneasiness
  50. Take something away from unpleasant tasks
  51. Be constructive
  52. Take breaks
  53. Stop to take care of nagging issues
  54. Always be a work in progress