Instagram Action

I really love Instagram, probably too much; however, there are so many awesome sources of inspiration, I felt it necessary to highlight some of my recent favorite posts and all-time favorite feeds. 

@guggenheim: This 3-foot diameter medallion designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is inlaid in the floor just as you enter the Guggenheim Museum. It is a gorgeous piece of deco design. I love the radiating parallel lines and power of the graphic. It is one of the many details that makes visiting a museum such a special experience. The ZERO exhibit on display now was very inspiring. Follow the Guggenheim for images and videos of the display, upcoming exhibits, and highlights or artists in their collection.

@codytextiles: Melissa Cody is a Navajo textile weaver combining traditional and contemporary images. I love this picture not only for the actual graphic design, color choice, and pattern, but also how it shows her process and a peek behind the scenes. It is exciting to see these pop up in my feed and I can't wait to save up enough money to buy one of her weavings.

@tmagazine: The New York Times' T Magazine is an awesome style and design publication. Their instagram feed is a consistent source of interesting art and photography. This sculpture from Art Basel by Alois Kronschlaeger drove directly into my soul. The color and geometry of the sculpture is so engaging, This is an awesome source for discovering great new work.

@steveespopowers: Steve Powers is easily one of my favorite artists. He utilizes traditional sign painting techniques in both large mural format and small scale works. He has developed a concise combination of image and graphic text to communicate ideas on commerce, work, love, and community. This picture highlights his aesthetic perfectly. These are well made images that make me take a step back and think about my motivations and priorities.

His Icy Signs project and actual sign painting business reinvigorates neighborhoods by delivering uplifting messages directly sourced from people living in said community. He is a constant source of inspiration and "Damn, I wish I could do that." output.

@nikesportswear: I am a sneaker fiend. To me they are a product that perfectly combines style, performance, design, and engineering. The Kobe 9 is my recent favorite. They push beyond most other sneakers in use of materials (flyknit woven fabric and engineered mesh), design (the narrow high-top specifically designed for Kobe's achilles injury), and style. This new KRM EXT version of the high top is super-luxe stunner.

 @austinkleon: Austin Kleon is the author of two of the most important books I read this year: Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work!. His advice has helped me harness my creative energy, and his blog/instagram provide consistent inspiration. I really enjoyed this Newspaper Blackout poem he posted recently.

All these feeds are worth a follow and provide a lot of great ideas. Give them a follow and some likes, and don't forget to follow me @rossandgary.